My client was seen on the porch with a handgun.  The cops stopped by and commanded that my client come to them.  Instead, he ran into the house and the police gave chase.  They found my client hiding under a bed in the basement, and a  search uncovered a gun.  My client was charged with UUW, but was found “not guilty” after the Reese Law Center represented him at his Bench trial (not seen on Public Way).

A driver is seen running a stop sign and is pulled over by a cop. The cop exits the car and as he is walking to the driver’s side, the driver pulls off. The police see four people in a two-door blue Chevy.  The police chase the car through stop signs and red lights with speeds reaching over 100mph. The car stops in a vacant lot and everybody gets out and runs. The police give a description of the last person seen. Later, my client is stopped and arrested. After subpoenaing critical documents and analyzing the evidence against my client, I filed for a Motion to quash and suppress because I realized that there was no evidence identifying my client as the driver in that car, and his case was dismissed.

My client was accused in the police report of driving too slow and weaving down the roadway. However, the video displayed a different story and showed my client driving perfectly while being followed a great distance before the cop turned on his sirens to pull him over. After stopping my client, the cop immediately asks for the field sobriety tests. My client consents and its all on video. When I compared what he wrote in the police report to the video evidence, the cop testified he saw the erratic driving before turning on the camera. The case was dismissed on Motion, because there was no reason for stop.

My client was charged as an accomplice to the shooter by alleging he brought the gun to a fistfight. One witness turns evidence to save himself saying he saw my client with the gun. He was the state’s key witness. At the jury trial, I thoroughly emaciated him on cross examination and because of that cross examination my client walked free.

My client was leaving the store and walking through parking lot while drinking a Pepsi.  The police were sitting in a marked car in the parking lot and perceives a bulge on my client’s waistline. He proceeds to follow my client out of the parking lot and walking down the street.  The cop pulls alongside of him and said, “Hey my man, come here.”  My client takes off running, and the cops give chase. After they stop him and arrest him, they recover a weapon in the surrounding area. The cop claims to have seen him reach into his waist band and throw the recovered weapon. After analyzing the evidence, I filed a Motion and the case was dismissed, because there was no reason for stop.

Police had a search warrant naming my client.  They executed the search warrant and discovered drugs, money and proof of residency and charged my client with possession of controlled substances.  My client was not at home at time of search.  Case dismissed-No probable cause for possession.

Police followed my client after leaving the mall.  After three blocks, he turns on the lights and stops my client.  He approaches and asks where he was coming from.  My client asks “Why you stopping me? You seen me leaving the mall”.  My client gives him his DL, insurance and registration.  The officer comes back and asks where was he coming from. My client asks why he was stopping him, he wasn’t speeding, his DL is valid, “what’s the problem officer?” The officer says he will be right back and my client takes off with the officer in pursuit.   My client drives home and runs in the house and out the back door.  A week later he turns himself in. He refuses to plead guilty. At the jury trial, the Reese Law Center emphasized the unconstitutional stop, and my client was found not guilty.

My client loves animals.  She had two companion dogs that she kept well fed in separate kennels in the basement. She walked her dogs regularly. Her and her sister got into an argument and the sister called the police saying my client was mistreating her dogs. The police took away the dogs and the newspapers report vicious stories of animal cruelty that my client received death threats. Our investigation revealed that the dogs were properly fed, nourished and healthy. We presented our evidence and the State dismissed the case.

My client was arrested, identified in lineup and charged with attempted murder. My motion to suppress identification was denied, so we proceeded to a bench trial. I cross examined the key witness and found that  the witness heard the shots and then went to look after the shots stopped.  The shooter was seen running away with the shooters back to the eye witness, so the identification did not support the testimony. The case was dismissed at halftime on directed verdict.

Client is a registered sex offender who was accused of failing to register within 3 days of changing residence.  Police made a house visit 3 days in a row and determined that he didn’t live there.  On day 4 he reported to the police station and was arrested. Our investigation revealed he reported with 72 hours of the police notice and therefore was not in violation of his duty to register. Charge dismissed.

Client attended a memorial for his brother after working 12 hours straight. He had a couple of drinks and on the way home he fell asleep at the light.  He was arrested for dui.  My client said he was tired.  There were no field sobriety tests completed or breathalyzer used. We provided our expertly drafted mitigation packet and the charges were reduced.

Client seen driving car in parking lot.  Police pulls car over and runs the plate.  Plate comes back to different car.  Cop testifies that he pulled car over for plates not registered to the vehicle.  On cross examination, it was revealed that he was seen driving on private property. He was stopped and then the plates were ran.  The case was dismissed because I was able to show that there was no reason for the stop.

Client is a truck driver arrested for DUI on a moped.  He refused standard field sobriety tests and faced the loss of his CDL for one year. We provided our expertly drafted mitigation package and we were successful in keeping him employed and avoiding the 12-month disqualification.

Client is standing near some guys under surveillance by the Chicago Police Department.  During the surveillance, the police see one of the guys hand my client a wad of cash.  Subsequently, the police break surveillance and arrest everybody on the corner. No drugs were recovered and my client had cash.  My client was charged with possession with intent and the money was to be forfeited as the proceeds of illegal narcotic sales. At the motion, we argued that my client did nothing wrong and the money was his.  The court agreed saying he could have been waiting around for the guy to pay a debt. Motion granted.  Since, we won on motion, the forfeiture was rescinded and the money returned in full.

Client is the driver of vehicle owned by the passenger.  Client has DL, registration and insurance.  He was stopped for failure to signal a right hand turn, but my client says he always signals his turns, every time.  Police ask them to exit the car and begin searching, asking them if there is anything illegal in the car. A gun is recovered under the driver’s seat. My client is charged with armed habitual criminal facing 6-30 at 85%.  But the case was dismissed, because I showed that there was no probable cause for the search in the first place.

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